H&C Case Processing Centre in Vegreville

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All H&C applications are sent to Vegreville as that office is responsible for the review as well as the screening of all applications and supporting documents.

Screening of the application Means:

  • the appropriate forms have been submitted;
  • all forms are completed, signed and dated;
  • that you reside in Canada;
  • the address for any family members abroad is complete and in the script of the country of residence;
  • all required supporting documents are included; and
  • the receipt for the correct processing fee(s) is included.

Incomplete applications

An incomplete application which does not meet the requirements does not pass the screening steps listed above, will not be processed. If this happens, your application will be returned to you.

Referral to a local CIC office

H&C applications approved by Vegreville will be ready for the final examination are transmitted to the appropriate local CIC for the confirmation of permanent residence appointment.

H&C applications unsuitable for processing are transmitted to the appropriate H&C Unit at a local CIC where officers will investigate issues of concern and make a final decision. If this happens to you, you will be referred to a local CIC when:

  • In the case of an application received before June 29, 2010, it includes allegations of risk and it cannot be approved on non-risk H&C factors
  • the case is complex or requires an in-depth assessment of bona fides or degree of hardship before a decision is made
  • a personal interview may be required

Procedural fairness

Officers will:

  • carefully consider all the information before them;
  • inform you when extrinsic information is considered and provide you with a chance to respond;
  • request any additional information needed;
  • weigh all the facts according to their degree of importance;
  • separate facts which favour a finding of hardship from those that do not; and
  • consider the objectives of the Act.

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