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Can you file your own Immigration Application?

Yes, there are not any rules against filing your own application or making it mandatory to have representation. However, having representation is highly recommended. There are tons and tons of different immigration applications to choose from.

Picking the right one can be extremely difficult, especially if you have only figured out what less than half of your options are. In this case a knowledgeable representative can help you figure out the many options available and what option is the best suited to your personal needs.

A representative might have more knowledge as to what documents need to go with the application, which speeds up the processing time because it will limit the amount of back and forth and missing things. Representatives have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to advise you in the best possible way and help you with your application so that you can be almost stress-free.

The worst thing is getting the wrong information and going through with an application that does not suit your need as well as something else would have. Representatives can help you save time, money, and energy. This is done by giving you the best advice that they possibly can using their extensive knowledge and expertise in the area.

The representative will give you unique options that you did not know existed originally. You may have different questions and concerns about the application process and an immigration lawyer can give you correct, quick and efficient answers. Hiring a representative can only benefit you.

Doing these applications yourself, it is like a trial and error process and you could waste a lot of precious time this way. An immigration lawyer helps get things done quickly and efficiently and knows exactly what you need for each and every application.

Akrami and Associates is a Canadian Immigration Law Firm. This firm specializes in the area of immigration. Within the firm there are immigration lawyers and immigration consultants to choose from.

Akrami & Associates prides itself on excellent communication with their clients. This firm understands that each and every client is potentially going through a very stressful time especially while playing the waiting game.

Akrami & Associates believes that communication is key so that you can understand exactly where you stand and how the process is progressing. Akrami & Associates has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in regards to immigration cases. The firm has handled an impressive amount of 15,000 cases and more on pretty much every possible immigration matter there is.

With this experience, Akrami & Associates will know exactly how to handle your specific immigration matter. It is understood that creativity is key in figuring out and making the best possible immigration plan for each person’s specific needs.

Akrami & Associates has a structure set up that allows you to sit back and with minimal involvement maximize your success. The firms visa application process is created to be the most efficient and cost-effective method.

The firm understands that all legal changes have a possibility of affecting immigration and therefore make a point to monitor this. Akrami and Associates offers the most up-to-date systems and procedures known to date.

Your case will be monitored from beginning to end and you will be informed every step of the way. Akrami and Associates is well- capable of getting the job done as best as possible and is persistent in making the end goal a reality.

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