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Canada Border Crossing Requirements

Canada Border Crossing Requirements

If you are crossing into the Canadian border, there are many things you should know before doing so. Mostly you need to keep in mind what documentations need to be provided and what your responsibilities are as you are entering.

In terms of documentation, there are many that you will need to provide including,

  • Any visa documents or confirmation of your status in Canada, if you are a permanent resident
  • Your passport
  • Two copies of a list that states all of the household items or personal belongings that you brought with you
  • Two copies of a list of items that will be arriving later and what their value is
  • Any immunization records you have to show your health status

You may be asked to provide (if applicable),

  • Your marriage certificate
  • Marriage certificates
  • Any school records
  • Reference letters from an employer
  • Driver’s license

In addition to the above documents mentioned, you have the responsibility to disclose the amount of money you are carrying if it exceeds ten thousand dollars. Failure to do so may lead to a fine or imprisonment. Money can be in the form of,

  • Cash
  • Securities in bearer form

            o This can be stocks, bonds, debentures, etc…

  • Negotiable instruments in bearers form

            o This may be bankers’ draft, cheques, money orders, etc…

In relation to this, you may be asked to complete a Customs Declaration Card, or you can choose to do so, before meeting a customs officer. The Customs Declaration Card should be used to declare items such as,

  • Any alcohol, tobacco, or gifts you are bringing with you into Canada
  • Any plants, food, firearms, or weapons you are bringing with you into Canada

If you wish for further information regarding the requirements to enter the Canadian border, or you wish to be more prepared for your entry, at Akrami & Associates, our legal professionals may be of assistance to you. Call today and see how we can help.

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