Canadian Visitor Visa Refusal

Canadian-Visitor-Visa-Refusal Canadian Visitor Visa Refusal


Visitor visa applications are not easily approved by Immigration Canada. They are one of the most complicated and difficult applications to get approved. There are many significant reasons why a visitor visa may be refused. This blog will explain the most common reasons for refusal and how you can better your chances for a successful application.

It is very important for applicants to identify and understand why an application was refused, especially if another application is likely to be submitted in the future. All applications submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is reviewed and assessed by an authorized immigration officer. These immigration officers have the discretion and flexibility to determine whether or not the applicant meets all eligibility requirements and is qualified to be issued the visa.

Common Reasons for Visitor Visa refusals:

Ties to Home Country

The most common reason for a visitor visa refusal is lack of ties to home country. A visitor visa is a temporary travel document, meaning that you are expected to exit Canada on or before the expiry date. You must be able to provide proof of ties to your home country, giving you a strong reason to exit Canada. You must have financial, family or social ties that require your physical presence. To prove this, you can provide financial documents such as bank statement and any investments you have in your home country. You can describe and talk about family circumstances to show familial ties. It is recommended to include any commitments from home country as proof you will not overstay your authorized stay in Canada. If you are unable to provide proof of these things, this may result in the refusal of your application.

Travel History

As a visitor to Canada, it is beneficial to produce your travel history. This will show the immigration officer that you have travelled previously and aided by the Immigration laws of the countries visited.

Financial Reasons

It is necessary to have sufficient funds for all of your expenses during your travels, including the trip home. Proving your financial circumstances is essential for Immigration to prove that you are able to provide for yourself for the entire duration of your stay. There is not a set minimum account balance, it depends on the length of your stay and to the discretion of the officer.

Inaccurate or missing information

An important aspect for all immigration applications is ensuring that all forms are filled out truthfully, accurately and completely. If information is left out intentionally, this will result in a refused application and possibly a charge of misrepresentation.

Akrami and Associates

Visitor visa applications are difficult applications to pursue on your own, therefore it is highly recommended to seek the expertise and assistance of professional and experienced help before attempting to submit. Here at Akrami and Associates, we work and have experience with many immigration matters. We have helped many of our clients gain temporary residency in Canada and enjoy their visit in Canada with proper authorization. To determine if you are eligible, please contact us at 416-477-2545 for more information or book a consultation with one of our immigration professionals.

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