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Conjugal Partner

Conjugal Partner

Conjugal Partner means either of the opposite sex or same sex is in relationship. Conjugal partners are in situation that is trying to keep them separated from each other. This type of relationship will be harder for an Immigration officer to accept when sponsoring your partner since them since in most cases they are usually looking for marriage proof such as marriage certificate pictures and others, so it important for you to prove that you belong to this category.

You can apply as Conjugal partner if:

  • You have had a conjugal relationship with your sponsor for at least one year and you could not live together or marry because of
  • An immigration barrier,
  • Your marital status for example; you are married to someone else and living in a country where divorce is not possible
  • You have been in a genuine relationship for at least 12 months where marriage or cohabitation has not been possible due to barriers such as sexual orientation, religious faith, etc.

Conjugal partners need to show they are in relationship that is "marriage like" to an Immigration officer. There is a significant degree of attachment between the two of you, implying not just a physical relationship but a mutually interdependent relationship.

Assessment of Conjugal Relationship

The following are key components that officer may use to identify legitimacy of the conjugal relationship:

  • Financial aspect of the relationship such as joint bank records or joint credit cards etc.
  • Social aspect of the relationship that shows you presented the evidence of the relationship to the government bodies, commercial or public organization.
  • Physical and emotional aspect of the relationship where both partners must have knowledge of other's personal circumstances, backgrounds and family situation, also shared values and interests.
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