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Federal Skilled Workers

Federal Skilled Workers

Must you work experience be accumulated continuously on a full-time basis?

It is required that you have at least a minimum of one year full-time continuous work experience within a profession that is at a skill level that is recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Your work experience can also be equivalent to the full-time hours but completed in terms of part-time, as long as it is accumulated, this may take you twice the time to gain the required amount of experience but it can be done.

An example of this would be:

A standard full time week is equal to 37.5 hours. So if you are working a part-time position for approximately 20 hours per week, this will be counted and considered to be approximately one year of full-time experience.

What if you don’t have an Arranged Employment?

If you don’t have an Arranged Employment, it’s okay! You will still be required to have a minimum of one year work experience in order to qualify under the Skilled Worker Category.

There is also provinces and territories within Canada that have their own specific requirements under the several different Provincial Nomination Programs that may be beneficial to you.

What is the purpose of Arranged Employment?

Arranged employment is set out to do the following:

  • It will make you eligible and qualified even if you are not on the priority list
  • It will support you for Permanent Residency- which will speed up the process of immigration
  • It will give you and/or the skilled worker an extra 10 points that will go towards the score or arranged employment
  • It will allow you to waive the requirements in regards to finances for a Permanent Resident application- There will be no proof that will be required for funds

What are the requirements for Arranged Employment?

There are several requirements of Arranged Employment and they are:

  • That the position must be a permanent and full time one- seasonal work does not count
  • The position must be a skill type 0 which is known as Managerial Occupations, or skill level A which is known as a Professional Occupation or, B which is known as a Technical Occupation, and;
  • The wages and the working conditions should be the same when they are compared to positions that are offered to the citizens and permanent residents of Canada that are working within the same company

What documents should you include in order to support your application under the Federal Skilled Worker?

There are several different supporting documents in which will need to be attached to your application. Some of the documents are:

  • Your completed and signed application forms
  • Identity and civil status documents
  • Travel documents- whatever is used in your country, and passports
  • Evidence of any education training and/or professional qualifications
  • Evidence of any work experience that you have
  • Your Canadian educational Credential Assessment
  • Evidence of Arranged Employment- if this is applicable to you and your application
  • Evidence of points that you are claiming- under the adaptability factor- if there are any
  • Police Checks/Certificates and clearances
  • Proof of settlement funds

The above list of supporting documents are not limited to only that list, and you may be expected/required to have different ones or more of them attached to your application.

If there is anything that our immigration firm can do for you please let us know! We have a lot of experience dealing with Federal Skilled Worker cases and would love the chance to assist yours for you. Our goal at the firm is to help everyone we can that has the ambition of coming to Canada. Please call us today and let us know how help you.


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