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Is express entry for me?

Express Entry

The Express Entry is a new system that Immigration and Citizenship has created to make the process of gaining entry into Canada easier and faster. With this new system that the government of Canada has created is an electronic system where the entire process is done online. The Express Entry is created to manage permanent residence application for the different economic programs that Canada has:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Each of these Economic programs come with their own specific criteria that has to be met when you are applying

How does express entry work?

  • With Express Entry you have to meet the criterion for the economic program that you are applying for.
  • When you apply and you meet the criteria required for the economic program your application is placed in a pool of application with other candidates who also meet the criteria for the economic program
  • Through this pool of candidates, employers from all the provinces across Canada will be able to select an employee that best fits the employer’s needs.
  • Before the application is filed, it is your responsibility to determine if you’re eligible for the Express Entry pool.
  • Certain steps need to be taken to ensure that you qualify for Express Entry.
  • There is no specific occupation list for this program, allowing you to be pat of a bigger pool
  • There is no limit to who or how many can apply

What you have to do?

As a candidate, you have to create an Express Entry profile, which looks at:

  • Work related skills
  • Qualifications
  • Language skills
  • Work experiences
  • Education

The online profile that you create is similar to creating a resume; only difference is this resume gets you the chance to enter the Express Entry pool.

Not all candidates who create the online profile will be selected into the pool, only those that meet the criteria for the Economic programs that Canada has in place will be entered into a pool from which the employers will be able to select certain individuals.

What Happens after the profile is created?

Once you have created your profile, your profile will be ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System. The Comprehensive Ranking System uses a points system to rank your profile in the Express Entry pool. Depending on your profile that you have created you will gain points based on:

  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Whether or not you already have a job offer
  • Language proficiency
  • Age

It is your responsibility to make sure that the information that you have provided on your application is honest and accurate.

Remember it is illegal to mislead or present false information!

Should I apply for express entry?

The answer to this very important question is YES! You should apply for express entry if you want to come to Canada faster!

  • Express Entry is open to everyone and anyone
  • You are a skilled worker and wish to come to Canada to get better pay
  • You are a skilled immigrant with regards to:

o Language, as in you are able to speak both English and French

o Education, as in you have a very high level of education

o You have high level of experience related to the job you are applying to in Canada

  • You want to create a better future for you and your family and with your education and work skills you are able to
  • You are between the ages of 20-29

If the above apply to you, then yes, EXPRESS ENTRY is for you!

What documents do I need?

As with any other immigration process, there are certain documents that the government of Canada requires you possess when entering Canada. An Immigration Officer will check these documents once you arrive in Canada.

  • Valid passport
  • Financial information, are you able to support yourself in Canada
  • Permanent Resident Visa
  • A letter confirming your permanent residency

How do I get higher points?

Earning points to make your application stronger can be both easy and difficult. There are various things that can help you earn higher points while at the same time, the same things might not help you get the points you need, depending on your situation. Most commonly higher points are earned via

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Language


We know the process for these kinds of applications can be brutal, as there are many things that need to be considered and a lot of the things can become very mind-boggling. At Akrami & Associates we have experienced immigration representative that will help you through the process and help you get the results you want. So give us a call and we will help put your mind at ease.

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