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NAFTA Work Permit

NAFTA Work Permit


Seeking Employment in Canada

Many foreign individuals would like to work to in Canada. Are you a North American citizen who’s been seeking employment in Canada? Do you believe you have the skills to help the international scope of the Canadian economy? Well fear not, we may have just found the answer! Despite the fact that Canada is known for their extremely strict visa policies, the North American Free Trade Agreement was set into place to help those who want to find employment in Canada, much easier. Although this does hand North American applicants leverage when being seen as possible NAFTA work permit candidates, every applicant must submit their applications only after thorough and careful analysis. It needs to be understood that even the most qualified and experienced workers have been denied of the Canadian work visa permit. So planning is of the utmost importance when it comes to this application. Please continue reading this blog for further assistance and information on this immigration matter.

What is a NAFTA work permit

A NAFTA work permit application dates back to the North American Free Trade Agreement first established in 1994, which was decided between Canada, US, and Mexico as a national point of contact. This application serves to provide US and Mexican citizen’s a less difficult route when it comes to obtaining their Canadian work visa permit. This not only allowed but also promoted a much stronger relationship between the three countries.

An applicant that undergoes the NAFTA process is allowed temporary entry due to their business interests within Canada; this agreement also exempts the need for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (US and Mexican citizens), and exempts the need for a work permit (US and Mexican citizens). However, what NAFTA does not do for its applicants, is it does not assist them with permanent admission into the country, nor is it applicable for those whom are deemed as permanent residents of the three countries, and other possible exemptions, as listed and constantly updated on the CIC website.

Who is eligible for a NAFTA work permit

An eligible candidate for the NAFTA work permit needs to meet certain requirements before applying for this application. Some of these necessities are that the applicant must be a citizen of the US or Mexico, must attain an employment offer from a Canadian employer in Canada, and must have at least one year of experience in their specified fields. Some of these employment fields included are listed under NAFTA professionals, NAFTA Investors, NAFTA Traders, and NAFTA Intra-Company Transfers.

Application Process

Before applying for your NAFTA work permit application, every candidate must first be able to present a valid Canadian employment offer. Once you send a thorough and complete application, the Canadian Case Processing Centre will send you either a stamp of approval such as your work permit, a letter of rejection, or a notification that your application may require further assessment. Due to the fact that neither US or Mexican citizen applicants require a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada, this application can be done at a Port of Entry, Visa office, or online. Although it is recommended to first start and follow this application up with an immigration expert, due to how tedious and tricky the necessities for those applying may be.


As stated earlier, NAFTA work permit candidates are not easily granted but it does boost even the average North American citizen seeking employment further up north. It is a complex process, as every applicant must keep an eye out for the policies. But even the most confident of applicants can get denied. This includes both US and Mexican citizens. Applicants must carefully draft and prepare all documents being forwarded and used in order to help them acquire their visa. US citizens are not just granted a guarantee of acceptance. Another factor to keep in mind is that although neither US or Mexican citizens require a temporary resident visa, they must respect the duration of their stay in which is granted to them; applicable to their occupation and time in Canada. Each NAFTA category allows a specified amount of time for their applicants that are chosen to stay in Canada.

Contact Akrami & Associates

In order for you, as a foreign national, to legally work in Canada, you will indeed need a work permit. If you have been seeking assistance with your NAFTA work permit application, what we can do for you in this process is ease the stress. Our qualified and trained representatives are in constant watch over the ever-changing visa policies, and we are always aiming to find the best possible routes to suit our clients. Getting into Canada is not easy; let alone acquiring a Canadian work permit. That being said, many foreign nationals feel that work permit applications are confusing or overwhelming. However, Akrami and Associates have many years of experience and can clients present a feasible and credible case. This increases your chance getting into the country, and bringing your sought after skills to help Canadian economy. If you have any further questions or would simply like to discuss your own unique immigration matter, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 416-477-2545 requesting a consultation. Here at Akrami and Associates we enjoy helping our clients through even the toughest immigration matter, as there’s always a way! So let us help you too.

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