Photo Specification for Immigration Applications

Reasons Immigration Application can be Returned

There are many reasons an immigration application can be returned these reason include:

There are many other reasons an application can be returned but this article will focus only on application that are being returned for not meeting photo-specification. Each immigration application has different requirements; please see below for specification based on type of application you are submitting.

Photo Specification for Permanent Residence Applications

When submitting any type of permanent residence application you are required to meet the photo specification. Your photographer must ensure the measurements are exactly as requested by CIC, making slight measurement errors the application will be simply returned and will cause delays for your application to be processed. To avoid delays simply take the photo-specification sheet to your photographer to avoid mistakes.

Steps you should take:

Can I wear glasses for Immigration Pictures?

Sample of Good Photo Specification:

Uniform Lighting

Height of Face Correct

Correct Child Pose

Samples of Bad Photo Specification

No Contrast

Shadows behind ears

Hand behind picture


Photo Specification for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) Applications

When submitting a temporary application such as visitor visa, study permit or work permit application you are also required to include photographs with meeting specific photo specification. Steps you should take include the following

Photograph and head size specifications

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If you have submitted a permanent or temporary immigration and your application got returned because your photo does not meet specification then contact our office at 416-477-2545. Immigration Canada is very picky when it comes to photo specification to avoid delays simply follow instructions for your application or take the photo specification sheet. If you are not sure then don’t hesitate to contact us at for a consultation. Remember there are many reasons an application can get returned and not meeting photo specification is one of them.

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