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Requirements of Sponsorship

Requirements of Sponsorship

When sponsoring a family member, the responsibilities of the sponsor and applicant vary. Primarily, by signing the Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking, the sponsor promises or guarantees to provide financial support and basic necessitates to the applicants as well as cover any medical expenses which are not covered by basic health care in Canada like dental care, eye care or any other related health needs.

In order to sponsor a family member under family sponsorship class you have to be eligible to sponsor. There are few requirements before you apply your family members and those are:

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age or older,
  • You have to be Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident,
  • You have to be sponsoring a member of the family class as per the Regulations
  • The person has to live in Canada or continue live In Canada once the sponsored person get permanent resident status,
  • You have to sign an agreement with your spouse or common-law partner to make sure that you both understand your responsibilities and obligations
  • Sign an undertaking which shows that you will provide basic needs to your spouse or common-law partner or dependent child,
  • You also have to prove that you have sufficient income, so you can provide them basic needs or support them financially. You have to provide a document that shows your financial resources from last 12 months. There is no set income requirement though Citizenship and Immigration Canada will still want to review your finances,
  • Your family member whom you want to sponsor has to be admissible. If they have serious health issue, and criminal background or other inadmissibility issue, they may be denied entry.

If interested in sponsoring a loved one, contact us to find out how you might qualify to sponsor and what the steps involved are. One of our representatives will gladly assist you in determining your best options.

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