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Student Class and Study Permit

Student Class and Study Permit

Can I Obtain Permanent Residency in Canada while on Study Permit?

Canadian educational institutions are filled with international students. The reason being that studying in Canada attracts the possibility of future permanent residence.

Foreign students are a prescribed class of persons who may obtain temporary resident status and who have been issued study permits or who are authorized by the IRP Regulations to study.

What is a Study Permit?

Study Permit is a written authorization issued to foreign students allowing them to study in Canada. A foreign national who wishes to study in Canada must obtain a study permit unless he/she qualifies for an exemption.

What Documents Does the Immigration Officer Look for?

Visa officers look to many factors before deciding whether an applicant qualifies for a study permit or not. In addition to the basic application and supporting documents an applicant must also provide the following:

  • Present a letter of acceptance from the educations institution where they intend to study

  • Be able to pay the tuition fees for the course or program that they intend to study in

  • Be able to financially support themselves and any family members who are with them during their period of study

  • Be able to cover the transportation cost for themselves and any family members to and from Canada;

  • Pass the medical examination if required

  • Receive Quebec Certificate of Acceptance if they intend to study in Quebec.

Family members accompanying a student on the Study Permit do not have to submit an acceptance letter. Also, students whose Study Permit will expire in less than 90 days are not required to submit a letter of acceptance from an educational institution when applying for an extension.

What Does the Application Package Include?

The instruction guide and the forms for applying for a study permit are all available on CIC website. The application package includes the following:

  • Application for a study permit made outside of Canada from (IMM 1294)

  • Schedule 1-Application for Temporary Resident Visa (IMM5257)

  • Use of a Representative Form if applicable

  • Document checklist for a study permit form

Other forms might also be necessary to fill out based on the case and its needs. The processing times for study permit can be from 1 to 16 months. Some foreign nationals are permitted to apply for a student visa at a Canadian port of entry such as USA nationals. Other students can apply for the application through CIC website.

Who Need to Obtain a Study Permit?

Not everyone is required to obtain a study permit in order to study in Canada. Family members and members of the private staff of diplomats are exempt from obtaining a study permit. Persons seeking to study a short term program of less than six months don’t need a study permit. Members of the armed forces of a country designated for the purpose of the Visiting Forces Act don’t have to get a study permit even if they want to study for more than six months. Minor children in Canada other than children of temporary residents not authorized to work in Canada don’t have to get a study permit.

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