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Important Information about Start-up Visas

Important Information about Start-up Visas

Learn About a Start-up Visa

The Canadian government is looking to attract entrepreneurs. As such, they have introduced a very unique immigration opportunity available to individuals who see themselves as entrepreneurs and who have an innovative business idea. In fact, the Canadian government claims the Start-up visa program, is the only one of its kind in the world – though, I’m not about to fact check that. The point is this opportunity is not to be overlooked if it is something which could even possibly be in your future. Therefore, throughout this article, we will provide all the valuable information you need to understand the start-up visa program, and assess whether this could possibly be an option for yourself.

What is the Start-Up Visa Program?

This is a program as the name suggests which is geared to help individuals who can prove they have a strong business proposal and a good chance of success, actually start a business and come to Canada as permanent residents. Because the government will be assisting you with your application, the process is highly selective. Essentially, the purpose of the start-up visa program is to attract talented entrepreneurs to Canada, to ultimately boost the Canadian economy. The Canadian government believed the program to be mutually beneficial. Therefore, while the hope is the foreign national will have a positive effect on the Canadian economy, the belief is the foreign national will also experience plenty of advantages as well.

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