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Temporary Resident Permit Canada DUI

Temporary Resident Permit Canada DUI

There are various reasons why you might need a Temporary Resident Permit to enter Canada. This could be for reasons of:

  • Criminality DUI OR DWI
  • Misrepresentation
  • Health
  • Non-compliance

To overcome your inadmissibility, you have probably explored the options available to you, such as, how to apply for rehabilitation, what it means to be rehabilitated, what a record suspension is, and what a temporary resident permit is.

Been Denied Entry to Canada for DUI?

If you are not eligible for rehabilitation or a record suspension was not granted, you can still apply for a Temporary Resident Permit if you have a reason to do so. Your reason must be important enough to outweigh the risks that you present to Canada. Even if you may think that your reason for inadmissibility is insignificant and that you pose no real threat to Canada, your reason must still be justified.

These reasons may be:

  • For a family emergency
  • For business reasons

In order to apply, you will first have to see whether you are from a visa-exempt country or not. If you are, you will have to contact the Canadian visa office responsible for your home country or region, and inquire after the procedures you have to take in order to apply for a temporary resident permit.

If you are not from a visa-exempt country, you will be completing a temporary resident visa application along with supporting documents explaining what important reason you have for coming to Canada and why you should be permitted to enter Canada despite your inadmissibility.

In addition to this, like all other temporary visitors to Canada, you must show that you will not be exceeding your stay and will return to your home country at the end of your authorized time. An example to prove that you will leave is a return ticket home.

If you require further information regarding your inadmissibility, the options that are available to you, or you need assistance with the application process, contact Akrami & Associates today. With the aid of our experienced legal professionals, there is always a way.

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