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Temporary Resident Visa TRV FAQs

Canadian Visa TRV

What is the difference between single entry and multiple entry visas?

A single entry visa will allow you to enter Canada once during the authorized time. If your temporary resident visa has been approved for a three month period and you decide to leave one month into your stay in Canada, you will not be able to enter again using the same visa.

A multiple entry visa provides you the opportunity to enter Canada as many times during the duration of your visa. Therefore, if you receive a temporary resident visa for two months, you are eligible to come and go from Canada during that time without having to make another application.

Effective February 6, 2014, all visa applications are automatically considered for a multiple entry visa. Therefore, even if you apply for a single entry visa, you may qualify for a multiple entry.

Are there any biometric requirements for a temporary resident visa?

You may (and any other accompanying foreign visitors) be required to have fingerprints and photographs taken at a biometric service collection point. It is important to note that you cannot have your biometrics taken prior to submitting your application. Either:

  1. Submit your application then visit a biometric service collection point
  2. Submit your application in person and complete your biometric together at a visa application center.

How much is the application fee to submit a temporary resident visa (visitor visa)?

$100.00 – single entry

$100.00 – multiple entry

$500.00 – maximum fee for immediate family applications (same time, same place)

Do I need to apply for a temporary resident visa if I am a US resident, green card holder?

No – a United States citizen or a person lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence who is in possession of a green card (or can provide proof of permanent residence) does not require an application for temporary resident visa.

What supporting documents do I need to provide with my temporary resident visa application?

We encourage our clients to provide any supporting documentation that will help your application and speed up the process. The following is a list of documents we suggest you attach to you application (but not limited to):

  • Copy of passport data page
  • Financial information (bank statements, pay stubs, employment letters, proof of income, tax information)
  • Title deeds (confirmation of ownership of property)
  • Travel itinerary
  • Medical examination
  • Invitation letter
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