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Questions and Answers for Temporary Resident Visas

Questions and Answers for Temporary Resident Visas

Temporary Resident Visas

In this article, I will address questions and answers for Temporary Resident Visas. This is intended for you to better understand what can ensue when you are in the process of applying for a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada. If you feel as though you would be eligible to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa, then I suggest you read our article on “How to Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa” before reading this question and answer article. This article is intended to clarify any misunderstanding or confusion with regards to any immigration matters regarding Temporary Resident Visas.

Q: If I have a valid Temporary Resident Visa, am I permitted to return to my country and then re-enter Canada?

A: This is a very good question. In the past, Temporary Resident Visas were either issued as a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. Now, thankfully, Immigration Canada is only issuing multiple-entry visas. A multiple-entry visa allows the foreign national to enter Canada and exit multiple times. However, it is important that the foreign national only travels in and out of Canada during the validity of their Temporary Resident Visa. If you attempt to enter Canada and your multiple-entry Temporary Resident Visa has expired, then you will need to reapply for another one to once again enter Canada.

Q: Do I require a Temporary Resident Visa if I want to study in Canada?

A: This entirely depends on how long you intend on studying in Canada. For instance, if you intend on studying in Canada for less than six months, you do not require a study permit in order to study in Canada and, thus, you will require a Temporary Resident Visa to study in Canada. On the other hand, if you intend on studying in Canada for a period longer than six months, you will require a Study Permit instead of a Temporary Resident Visa. It is important to note that if you would like to study more than the initial six months and you currently have a Temporary Resident Visa, you will then need to change your status in Canada to a Study Permit. The reasoning behind this is because the Canadian government does not issue an extension of Temporary Resident Visas in order to complete short-term programs.

Q: If I was originally given a Temporary Resident Visa for business purposes, am I allowed to return to Canada to travel for tourism purposes at a later date?

A: Yes, you may travel to Canada for tourism purposes at a later date. This is so long as your Temporary Resident Visa is still valid and has not expired. As a result, you may enter and re-enter Canada multiple times during the duration of your Temporary Resident Visa.

Q: If I wanted to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa, is a return ticket or flight itinerary necessary?

A: Usually, in most cases, a flight itinerary is necessary when applying for a Temporary Resident Visa. If you would like to and can provide a return ticket to your country of residence, it is highly valued in the eyes of Immigration. For instance, a return ticket is an indication that you have the intention of leaving Canada at the end of your authorized visit. Additionally, it also shows the bona fides of your intentions as a visitor of Canada. However, it is important to distinguish that it does not guarantee a Temporary Resident Visa.

Q: How can I help my family member obtain a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada?

A: If one of your family members requires a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada, then you may help them by inviting them to Canada. First and foremost, they must submit their application from outside of Canada, either in their country of origin or country of residence, and submit the application to the appropriate visa office of that region. Furthermore, you can provide them with a “Letter of Invitation” which indicates that you will help them financially during their authorized period of stay in Canada. For instance, in this letter, you can explain how you will be paying for their accommodation and basic necessities while in Canada. Please note that the invitation letter is highly suggested; however, it does not guarantee that your family member will receive a Temporary Resident Visa.

Q: What can I do if my Temporary Resident Visa is refused? Can I apply again?

A: If your Temporary Resident Visa application is refused, unfortunately, there is no appeal process to pursue. However, you are able to apply again, if you so desire. Keep in mind, when reapplying, you should indicate and prove that some circumstances have changed for you to be eligible to enter Canada as a Temporary Resident. Alternatively, you may also reapply if you have new information to submit to Immigration Canada that may allow you to enter as a Temporary Resident. If you decide to reapply for a Temporary Resident Visa, it does not guarantee that Immigration Canada will approve the new application. They have the authorization to refuse it again. Therefore, it is best to compile new information with your new application.

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Should you have any further questions or feel confused or unclear about any immigration matters with regards to Temporary Resident Visas, it is important to talk about all questions you may have and discuss your concerns. By talking to immigration professionals about your concerns, this will ease your worries and assist with the Temporary Resident Visa application process. Many immigration applications are difficult to pursue on your own, if you are unfamiliar, and it is highly recommended that you seek out professional and experienced help before attempting to apply. Here, at Akrami & Associates, we work and have experience with many different immigration issues. We have helped many of our clients visit Canada and successfully obtain Temporary Resident Visas. If you believe that you may be eligible for a Temporary Resident Visa, please feel free to contact Akrami & Associates at our office at 416-477-2545 for more information or if you would like to book a consultation with an immigration professional for more advice.

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