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Visitor Visa Temporary Resident Visa TRV

Visitor Visa TRV for Canada

Canadian Visitor Visa Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

Canada attracts people around the world for its many reasons for visiting purposes. In order to obtain visitor visa you must get temporary resident permit (TRV) which similar visitor visa. What most people don’t know is that getting TRV could get difficult. In order to be eligible applicant you have to satisfy Canadian Visa officers at your Canadian Consulates or Embassies that you are suitable candidates for the Visa. What Visa Officers are required to consider in making decisions whether to grant or deny your applications could be the following:

  1. Will you return your home country after your visit to Canada is complete?
  2. Whether you have sufficient ties to their home country as grounds for leaving Canada on time.
  3. Will you have sufficient funds to support themselves during their visit to Canada?
  4. Will you have a place to stay in Canada during their visit?
  5. The intended duration of your visit.
  6. Did you have visited Canada in the past?

Each of these above factors are carefully evaluated by visa officer before making a decision. Therefore you as an applicant who tends to be successful with their Canadian visitor visa applications include documentation and information that shows how and why you are eligible under these factors. Information such as ties to your home country such as family, employment, savings etc. are often important in determining the outcome of a visa application. Generally, a well-documented, carefully prepared application has a much better chance of success than a application with minimum information assembled one.

It’s very essential for you to understand that obtaining Visitor Visa (TRV) in not the final process until you reach Canadian port of entry. There have been instances where foreign national on TRV has been denied entry to Canada because the officer reported he or she is inadmissible. So, you have to be clear about what you say to the officer and truth of the matter of your visiting.

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