NAFTA Work Permit Kit

NAFTA work permit Kit
CAD650.00 each

Elite Package


NAFTA Work Permit Kit

The North American Free Trade Agreements or NAFTA is an agreement which exists between Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, and your intended work in Canada falls under the list of NAFTA professionals, you might be considered Labour Market Impact Assessment exempt. This means, that with the help of our step by step guide, you can potentially obtain a Work Permit for Canada at a Port of Entry! Our NAFTA Work Permit guide is your key to entering the Canadian Labour Market without the need for lengthy pre-application preparations and can walk you through the steps to obtaining your own NAFTA Work Permit on the spot! From helping you determine whether your intended duties are considered under the NAFTA Professionals list to tips on how to answer the immigration officer’s questions, the NAFTA Work Permit Guide will help you achieve your professional goals in Canada!

NAFTA Work Permit Kit Features GOLD ELITE
How to Qualify as a NAFTA Professional
Benefits of Obtaining a Work Permit in Canada
How to Determine your National Occupational Classification
Analysis of Executive vs. Managerial vs. Specialized Knowledge in Detail
How to Demonstrate Applicant Expertise
Difference Between Applying under NAFTA and Overseas
How and Where to Submit Your Application Depending on Your Situation
What You Can Expect After Submitting Your Application
How to Handle Correspondence from CIC
Customized Document Checklist
Border Preparation
Interview Tips
Interesting Facts & Figures
Submission Letter Template
Step-By-Step Instructions on Obtaining Medical Exam
Template Employment Offer Letter
Template Résumé
Template Submission Letter
Template Supporting Reference Letter
Template Supporting Personal Statement
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