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When submitting your Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application there are four main requirements you need to meet as the employer so that the application gets approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Watch our video and find out what these requirements are!!

LMIA Application Submission

When you are looking to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application there are four things you need to be mindful of. The first is when you post the salary there is a certain way to figure out the prevailing wage so that you have higher chance of getting Service Canada approval. Also, as the employer you need to see if it is possible to increase the salary, for example the prevailing wage for the foreign worker to apply for the job is $15 an hour, are you able to increase the salary to $16 or $17? The reason it is good to increase the salary is to show Service Canada you have increased the wage but even with the higher wage you were not able to get a lot of Canadians or Permanent Residents to apply for the position. When you increase the wage your application becomes stronger and can inform Service Canada or the immigration officer despite your efforts you were not able to get many Canadians or Permanent Residents to apply for the position.

The second important step you need to keep in mind is that the job description has the match the National Occupation Code (NOC). Many times employer chose the wrong NOC and your application can get simply refused for selecting the wrong NOC.

Another requirement to submitting a successful LMIA application is meeting the skills required for the application. A lot of emphasis needs to put that the foreign worker has the specialized skills to do the job. Many times employers put that the foreign worker has the skills but the foreigner worker cannot back it up. This means the foreign worker needs to either have two years’ work experience in that area or have a master’s degree. If you do not show one or the other your application will simply get refused for not meeting the requirements.

The last important part of the application is the posting. What this means the employer has to at least post in two different places for a minimum of four weeks. Depending on the NOC and the region of employment you have to post longer than four weeks. The longer you most the strong your application becomes, because you inform the Service Canada you had the posting up for 6 weeks but had no luck in finding a suitable candidate.

If you are an employer and like to hire a foreign worker it is highly recommended to get the assistance of an immigration expert as these applications are very hard to get approved. Making slight errors in your application can cause refusal or delays in the application. Akrami & Associates has submitted many successful LMIA application and we can help you too!! Contact us today for further details.

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