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Are you an employer and looking into hiring a foreign worker to Canada? If so, the wage plays a large part in how the LMIA is filed. Watch our video to learn more about wage requirements and want you as the employer can do to make sure your Labour Market Impact Assessment application if filed successfully to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

LMIA High Wages

High wages for the LMIA process is very important for an employer who wants to get that individual and get that applicant working as soon as possible one way to expedite the lengthy process is by offering or hiring the candidate with a higher wage. Depending on what position you are or what province you are what location you’re at there are separate wages. For a successful Labour Market Impact assessment you need to offer the medium wage. However, if you’re looking at getting this candidate started as soon as possible as mentioned previously, is to pay above the prevailing wage.

If you want your LMIA processed in 10 business days, or less that is what service Canada promises the candidates the following wages. For Alberta, it is $48.08, for BC it is $42.41 and they are hourly wages, for Nova Scotia it is $37. 65 and Ontario it $45.00. There is a whole list of provinces and wages which you can check on our website.

What wage you can offer the candidate to expedite the process, obviously offering a higher prevailing wage does not necessarily guarantee an approval. Instead, it guarantees quicker processing times, but also you can emphasize in your application is you’ve done significant recruitment efforts you’ve gone above the prevailing wage and still you were not able to hire a Canadian citizen and permanent resident. By offering a higher, more prevailing wage and still having lack of interest from permanent residents and citizens, that only means your application is that much stronger for you to higher that foreign national.

If you have any questions about the prevailing wage or LMIA, give us a call to assess you and let us see what options are available for you.

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