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Are you an employer and looking to file an LMIA application? If so, watch our video on how a job postings looks like and what it needs to include to advertise the position to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents prior to hiring a foreign worker. Also, find out your responsibilities as the employer to submit a successful Labour Market Assessment.

LMIA Posting

When submitting a Labour Market Impact Assessment application you need ensure your posting is done correctly. Postings play an important role with either getting a positive or negative decision from the officer. What is very important is the salary, the salary has to match the National Occupation Code (NOC) and at the bare minimum it has to be medium salary (low, medium or high). If the prevailing wage is less than the minimum requirement then most likely you will receive a refusal on the application.

Other important factors of the application include putting what the assignment entails, how many hours you expect the worker to work, hourly wage, benefits the employer will be offering such as mileage if you are not offering benefits just put not applicable (N/A), contract terms, contact information for employer, language, start date and any other relevant information.

If you put language other than English or French you must justify why the foreign worker needs to speak that language and why English or French is not a requirement. Immigration Canada does not like when employers exclude Canadian, therefore, the reasoning has to be good enough.

Education also plays an important role, so you need to make sure the foreign worker meets the education requirements for the NOC. The NOC tells you what education and work experience requirements the foreign worker needs to meet to apply under that particular NOC. For example, if under the NOC you applied and the credential requirement is a degree but the foreign worker only has diploma then your application will be refused for not meeting education requirements.

The work setting the foreign worker will be working at is also important, therefore, as the employer you would need to provide a brief description of the environment they will be working in.

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