Recruitment Efforts for High Skilled Occupations Video

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Do you need to a hire a foreign worker to Canada for high skilled occupation? Prior to hiring a foreign worker as the employer you need to put recruitment effort by offering the position to Canadian citizens or permanent residents first through advertisement. Watch our video to learn more on the recruitment efforts for high skilled occupations to obtain a positive Labour Market Assessment.

Recruitment Efforts for High Skilled Occupations

Have you hired a foreign worker and are confused how to advertise the posting to Canadian citizens or permanent residents prior to offering the position to a foreign worker? Will discuss the advertisement requirements for high skilled occupations in which the employer is offering high wage then what is listed on the prevailing wage.

There are 2 main advertising requirements when using this category. First you need to post the position on national or provincial job bank of Canada. When posting the position it is recommended to keep the posting up until a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is issued rather than just keeping it up for the 4 weeks that is required. Do not take the posting down even after the 4 week period has passed so that you can file your application to Service Canada and demonstrate your recruitment efforts you have don’t but have been unsuccessful with hiring a Canadian citizen o permanent resident. So until you don’t get a decision from Service Canada in regards to your LMIA application do not take the posting down.

The second requirement would be using 2 sources of advertisement that is national in scope. So depending on what the position is you have to ensure you post position to the right community. For example, rural areas may not have access to a computer and therefore posting the position on Workopolis would not be helpful. Therefore posting the position on a newspaper would be recommended or anything else that works for that area.

So if you are an employer and looking into hiring a foreign worker and are ensure how to do a proper posting then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our immigration experts have great deal of experience in submitting LMIA application and we can help you too.

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