Labour Market Opinion Common Questions

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How do I get a positive Labour Market Opinion?

There is no easy formula to obtaining a positive Labour Market Opinion. Your employer will need to demonstrate that they have actively searched or attempted to recruit a potential Canadian worker to fill the position and that there are currently none available. This is also known as a labour shortage. Your employer can use online postings, printed adverts and other methods in order to recruit.

This application will have to demonstrate a number of different factors that illustrates how a Canadian is not readily available to occupy the position currently being offered. You you will need to demonstrate your recruitment efforts and the steps he took in order to locate a readily available Canadian worker. Further, you'll need to also demonstrate how the position being offered is currently at par with the standards of others currently working in his occupation. You also need to provide basic documentation in support of their business such as taxation documents, business licences, articles of incorporation etc to demonstrate that you are a valid employer.

Does my employer have to be involved?

Yes, your employer will need to be involved in obtaining a Labour Market Opinion. They will need to produce the postings as well as provide some information about their business for the purposes of the application. When looking for a prospective employer in Canada, upon wishing to employ you, they should be aware that they will be required to first obtain a Labour Market Opinion for the purposes of hiring you.

What happens after I receive a positive Labour Market Opinion?

Once you obtain a Labour Market Opinion for the candidate of your choosing, you will submit this in support of your work permit application for immigration officers review. Note, just because you have received a positive Labour Market Opinion does not guarantee that an immigration officer will approve a work permit. A work permit a separate application and not based on the Labour Market Opinion alone. When applying for work permits the number of other basic criteria that the applicant should consider such as education, qualifications and previous work experience.

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