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Another major aspect of the live-in caregiver application is the employment contract between you and your prospective employer. This contract will be assessed for its merits and validity and must meet all requirements and satisfy an officer making a decision on your matter. See below for a few tips on important details you should keep in mind when completing your employment contract.

Job Description

This is where your employer (and you) will need to set out and agree on your duties as per your intended purpose in Canada. Make sure that you are comfortable performing all the intended tasks and that they do not violate any work place safety laws etc. You will be expected to complete anything you agreed to in this contract, within reason.

Schedule and Wages

Here you and your employer will not only agree on your salary or compensation but also what a full day of work will be and what your start and end time will be. Further, you and your employer should also outline the amount of your sick days, how many vacation days you may have, any overtime schedule or possibility, how many breaks you will receive on a daily basis and when etc. This should all be itemized to be able to refer to at a later date without confusion or ambiguity.


Your employer is responsible for providing you with a clean and liveable environment for which you can "call home." This rooms needs to be adequately ventilated and heated and the door should be equipped with a lock and safety bolt from within the room for your use. The corresponding key to the door lock should only be provided to you.

Duration of Employment

Your employer will outline your intended start and end date which should also be reflected in his advertisement and recruitment information. Further, this date should also be reflected on the labour market opinion. You must agree to the start and end date. If your employer wishes to keep you beyond the approved time, you will need to draft a new contract and have it approved etc.

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