Live-in Caregiver Processing Offices

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Live-in Caregiver Processing

To participate in the Live-in Caregiver program (LCP), you must make an application for an initial Live-in Caregiver work permit at a Canadian visa office abroad.

Visa offices are responsible for the initial selection process and issuance of initial work permits to live-in caregivers under the LCP. Visa offices are also responsible for processing permanent residence applications overseas for family members of live-in caregivers who have applied for permanent residence from within Canada.

Visa officers overseas generally issue the initial work permit under the LCP for a duration of four years plus three months when consistent with other considerations, such as employer need and passport validity. This general practice serves to minimize subsequent in Canada work permit applications.

Responsibility for Processing in Canada

The Case Processing Centre in Vegreville (CPC-V), Alberta is responsible for processing applications in Canada under the LCP for:

  • new work permits (new employer/employer move to a new province/territory);
  • work permit renewals (same employer);
  • study permits; and
  • permanent residence.

Role of CIC Inland Offices

Local CIC offices play a role in processing complex or exceptional LCP cases. CPC-V will refer cases to a CIC inland office if an interview is warranted or if there is suspected misrepresentation, serious criminality or security concerns.

CPC-V issues all correspondece to applicants with respect to LCP applications which they process. Cases referred to CIC inland offices by CPC-V for processing are concluded, and the appropriate correspondence is issued to applicants, by the responsible inland office.

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