Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada

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The Canadian federal government came up with the Live-in caregiver program in order to counter the limited number of live-in caregivers in the country. This program enables private households to hire caregivers from abroad. The government established this program so that interested foreign caregivers can work in the country.

Employers are allowed to hire professionals from other countries provided the necessary conditions are met. The program allows families to get services of foreign caregivers in situations where permanent residents or Canadian citizens are not available to do work.

Live-in Caregiver Program

A live in caregiver is qualified person that can work without supervision in a private household. He or she is supposed to provide care for the elderly, children and or the disabled. Like any other contract, various regulations and bureaucratic procedures must be followed while applying. As a result, live-in caregiver placement agencies that mediate between families, caregivers and the government have been established. The agencies provide support for documentation and advice concerning the program.

Live-in caregivers are provided with private homes to stay while working in Canada. Foreigners under this program are supposed to do the following:

  • Give care on a fulltime basis usually a minimum of 30 hours every week for children under 18yeras, elderly people above 65 years and the disabled.
  • Live and work in private households without being supervised
  • Meet requirements that have been set by the citizenship and Immigration department as well as the Human resources and skill development of Canada

Both the caregiver and the employer are required to follow specific guidelines to meet the requirements of the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada. Here are the requirements that employers must consider before hiring the caregivers.

  • Working conditions
  • Wages
  • Occupation requirements
  • Advertisement requirements

Not just anyone can be a live-in caregiver in Canada. There are various requirements that the foreigners have to meet in order to qualify.

First an applicant must have completed an equivalent of Canadian high school education successfully. They should also have gone through training for six months in class or even twelve months of full time employment under pay.

What does this mean? This implies that the applicant must have experience of at least six continuous months within a bracket of three years.

Secondly, your field or occupation must relate to the particular job in subject. Applicants should be able to speak, read and understand French or English at levels which will enable them to work or function independently in the private home setting.

There should also be a written contract between the applicant and his or her prospective employer. The contract gives details on the duties the applicant has in the job, the hours one is expected to work and salary and benefits they are entitled to.

How about one's health condition? Of course, you must pass a medical examination test. Because the work entails caring for others, a proof that you can take good care of your health is not compromised.

On top of this, a conduct certificate bearing no criminal records in your country of origin is a must. Finally, you'll need a work permit before you can enter and start working in Canada.

After one has applied to be a live-in caregiver in Canada and the visa office has begun the processing of a work permit, the applicant is called for a face-to-face interview. The interview is meant to ascertain if an applicant has met all requirements of the program. Once approved, a letter of approval and a work permit will be issued as soon as they arrive in the country.

While working, it is also necessary to ensure that the work permit is up to date. Incase there is need for extension; an application should be made before the expiry date. If one intends to change the employer, an application for a new work permit must be made in good time.

So does one stand a chance of being rewarded for loyalty? Yes! After one has worked as a live-in caregiver in Canada for a minimum of two year they are allowed to apply for permanent residence. This is also known as a landed immigrant status that gives the foreigners benefits, which are only entitled to Canadian citizens. Permanent residence can however be obtained after several years of working as a caregiver.

The facts displayed here shows that the migration process is easy. However, the truth is you must play your part to avoid unnecessary complications. Otherwise you may never like the process.

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