Ten Things to Know about the Live in Caregiver Program

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  1. the Philippines is in the Top 5 Countries of the world whose citizens apply to move to Canada through this program
  2. The program is offered publically through Citizenship and Immigration Canada or privately through recruiters
  3. The Canadian family actually must register as a business, and must obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion first from human resources and skills development Canada.
  4. The applicant must have at least a high school education, must demonstrate minimum language skills, and must have either training or experience in the field of care-giving.
  5. The applicant obtains the work permit, and only then is allowed to enter Canada.
  6. After completing the minimum required number of hours of work for a Canadian employer, the Live-In Caregiver can then apply to become a permanent resident.
  7. The applicant can apply for Permanent Residence from within Canada.
  8. There are restrictions on the work permit. The Live-In Caregiver does not typically allow dependants or spouses to accompany during the working period, which can last from 2-4 years. Only after the minimum work has been completed (3900 hours of work), can the Live-In Caregiver include family members to accompany to Canada.
  9. The candidate must indicate the existence of the family members on the original work permit application, otherwise they may not be eligible later due to misrepresentation.
  10. Work permits need to be extended. The Live-In Caregiver is responsible to maintain valid status within Canada at all times.

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