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If you are interested in hiring a foreign Live in Caregiver to Canada, you will need to offer them an employment contract. Watch our video to learn what to include in the Live in Caregiver contract. 

Canadian Live in Caregiver Contract

Are you looking to hire a live in caregiver but do not understand the idea/concept of it and don't know how to handle your situation? At Akrami & Associates, we have dealt with hundreds of live in caregiver applications and due to our past experience, we have gathered the knowledge and expertise to help you with your process/cases as well.

Of course with any job, you are required to sign a contract, the same applies for a live in caregiver. When hiring a live in caregiver, you have to provide them with a contract that clearly states their medical benefits, transportation to Canada, wage, hours, job duties, accommodations, holiday, vacation and termination terms. A live in caregiver is a job and although it's unique circumstance, you need to treat it as any other job.

Contact Akrami and Associates to book your consultation today! At akrami & Associates, we will help make your process as easy and effortless (on your part) as it can be. If you choose to hire us we will tell you whether or not if you are eligible and if so, we will then assess your situation and tell you what documents you require. All you have to do is provide us the documentation we ask for.

With Akrami and Associates there is always a way!!

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