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If you are looking to file a NAFTA  Professional Work Permit application you need to meet certain requirements to meet NAFTA Work Permit eligibility criteria. Watch our video below on how you can facilitate your entry into Canada without the need for an LMIA.

NAFTA Work Permit for Professionals

If you are looking at filing a NAFTA Professional Work Permit application specifically as an accountant you need to meet certain requirements to be eligible to apply. As an accountant you must demonstrate that you have the necessary credentials such as a bachelor degree or CPA, a CA, CGA, or CMA will qualify you for the Accountant NAFTA Professional. Also what is very important is when you file the application you have to ensure that the job offer whether it is in United States as a TN Visa or a NAFTA Work Permit into Canada the actual job duties have to be listed. Some of the job duties that are accepted include demonstrating that you plan to set up and administer accountant system, prepare financial information for individuals, examine accounting records, prepare financial statements and reports, develop and maintain cost findings and internal control procedures. Listing your job description is extremely important, without having that in your job offer it is likely that your job offer will be refused.

The application can be filed either at the consulate or at the Port of Entry and get same day processing. If you are looking at filing the application at the Port of Entry ensure you have all your necessary documents to have a successful entry.

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