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The North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA offers many benefits to Canada, the US and Mexico. Watch our video to learn how you can take advantage and obtain your NAFTA work permit.

What is NAFTA

There are four things that NAFTA allows individuals to do, the first being allowing temporary entry of business persons from the U.S. and Mexico into Canada that are involved in Trades of Goods and Services or are in Investment activities. So if you have job offer and qualify under the NAFTA agreement U.S. and Mexico are exempt from obtaining the Labour Market Impact Assessment which allows individuals to trade good and services or make investments. Also, processing times are much faster as you can get same day decision at the Port of Entry.

Business Visitors under the NAFTA do not need special authorization to enter Canada meaning they are also exempt from LMIA, however you need prove you are a bona fide genuine Business Visitor and not entering the Canadian Labour Market.

Professionals and Intra Company Transferees can receive expedited processing and can have their application processed at the Port of Entry. Mexicans need to go through an extra step as they are not exempt from the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). So, Mexicans need to get a Visitor Visa first prior to entering Canada as Professionals or Intra Company Transferees. Luckily, Americans are exempt from the TRV and do not need to apply for a Visitor Visa to Canada. If you have an inadmissibility issue whether you are American or Mexican, you need to take care of that first prior to attempting to cross the borders.

If you qualify under NAFTA and you have a job offer and like us to review whether you should apply under the Business Visitor category, Investor Category or Intra Company Transferee Category then contact us today.

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