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Are you a US or Mexican professional interested in working in Canada. You may qualify under the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. Watch our video to find what is, where you can file your application and what you can do to meet the qualification criteria to obtain your NAFTA Work Permit.

Where to File a NAFTA Work Permit

Are you looking at filing a NAFTA Work Permit? To do so, it can be done at a Consulate level and wait the processing times or submit an application at the Port of Entry and get same day processing. If you are Mexican, ensure you get a Temporary Resident Visa before arriving at the border so that you are also able to enter Canada. Mexican citizen need to apply for TRV because they are not exempt from it and therefore have to obtain and additional document prior to their entry to Canada.

The NAFTA Work Permit is your status document, which is a document that you need to be able to work in Canada. The Work Permit itself will outline who the employee is, how many years you can work in Canada, and more relevant details. That particular document gives you benefits such as health coverage, a social insurance number, etc. Note that you will need to get the Work Permit before you get the other documents, such as your SIN number, OHIP number, etc. Another important aspect of the Work Permit is that you will need to have a job offer first with an employer in Canada prior to applying for the NAFTA Work Permit. You cannot apply for the Work Permit without a job offer confirmed, because the job offers outlines your salary, what NOC you will fall under, what the job description is, who your employer will be, how long you will be employed for, and other such details. Based on that, a Work Permit is issued.

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