Canadian Port of Entry Applications

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NAFTA Canadian Port of Entry Applications

Many people who seek status and entry into Canada will or can do so at a port of entry. A port of entry is essentially an entry point along the Canadian border.

The border is maintained by the CBSA or Canadian Border Services Agents. These agents have a variety of different functions ranging from facilitating travel to allowing the smooth transition of international trade as well as other duties which focus on enforcement of immigration regulation and security of the Canadian Border.

There are many application types that you can apply for at the border. Applications like certain work permits can be obtained at a port of entry provided that you can satisfy an officer that you meet the basic criteria and they are willing to make a decision for you on the spot.

An officer has the right to defer a decision to a visa officer where applications are typically processed. Officers typically do this when they feel that they cannot give the application the proper scrutiny they feel is required at the port of entry. This usually happens when an officer is not satisfied but they are willing to allow you normal process without refusing you outright. Obviously having a previous refusal on an application makes it more difficult the second time around.

Making sure you are adequately prepared at a port of entry can mean the difference between success or failure. Many of our clients have first faced refusal at the border because they did not bring the right documents or the documents provided did not satisfy an officer. For some, this not only meant embarrassment and extremely long wait times, they missed out on important functions in Canada. At times, refusal also resulted in a loss of employment.

Do not let this happen to you. Akrami & Associates will prepare you for what to expect at the border as well as provided you with an entry package. An entry package is not a an official legal document but something that will facilitate you in obtaining the documentation that you will require.

An entry package is a compilation of the merits of your case that we will produce for you to travel with on hand. When you arrive at a port of entry, you can provide this package to the officer. In it will be all the necessary documents as well as legal arguments as to why you should be granted the status you seek.

We will anticipate the officer's needs and "connect the dots" for the immigration official making a decision on your matter, ensuring that they are completely satisfied. For you this not only means reduced wait times and a hassle free experience, it also means that you will obtain your document on the spot as oppose to having to wait for months long processing times.

If you intend on coming to Canada for business or require documentation upon arrival to complete your intended goals in Canada, contact us for more information. We will work diligently to achieve your immigration goals in Canada.

NAFTA Entry Package

Canada enjoys close border with its neighbour to the south, the United States of America. Every day, roughly 300 000 Americans travel to Canada from the United States.

Under the North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA), American citizens or permanent residents are able to travel to Canada without first obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa and are able to remain in Canada for up to 6 months at a time without requiring any sort of previous authorization.

This, however, is always at the discretion of a border official who has the right to limit your time in Canada or refuse you all together if they feel that you will:

  • Pose a threat to Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Overstay your welcome in Canada
  • Have an inadmissibility
  • Any other reason at their discretion

If you are not adequately prepared to satisfy an officer at the port of entry that you meet the basic requirements, you may face refusal. Many of our clients who are technically entitled to enter Canada still face issues at the border. Some clients are American citizens who wish to visit their loved ones in Canada. An officer can refuse you if they feel that you will overstay in Canada or that you are attempting to reside in Canada.

If you are refused once, every time you attempt to enter hence forth will show record of this refusal and you may face similar issues regardless of port of entry or officer you may deal with.

In an effort to overcome this problems faced, Akrami & Associates will develop what we call an entry package for you. This entry package will contain supporting information as well as legal arguments that you can travel on hand with you as you attempt to cross the border.

You will present this package to an officer which will help satisfy them that you should be allowed entry into Canada. This is not a legal document, as American citizens do not require legal documentation to enter Canada, an entry package is a compilation of legal documents and supporting evidence to help facilitate your entry into Canada.

By providing this package to an officer, you well not only demonstrate that you are well prepared to enter Canada, but help in satisfying them that you will comply with the conditions of your entry.

Many of our clients who frequent Canada for business or pleasure face difficulty at the border because of the frequency of travel. With an entry package in hand, you will not need to worry about this again.

Contact Akrami & Associates, your guide to Canada.

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