Port of Entry Letter (Package) Canada

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Port of Entry Letter

Having the right documentation can mean the difference between successful entry to Canada or refusal at the border.

If you are an American citizen who has been facing difficulty at a port of entry, an entry package may be the solution you have been looking for.

Akrami & Associates is always developing new and innovative ways to assist our clients. The entry package is one such way Akrami & Associates is committed to servicing you better.

Ease of Access

The goal of our entry package is to help create an ease of access to Canada for our U.S. neighbours. Many of you travel to Canada on a regular basis for work and pleasure and as such, face difficulty explaining your entry to an inquisitive border official.

These officials are just doing their jobs, but then again, so are you. As an American citizen or permanent resident you are able to enter Canada for up to six months at a time under the NAFTA.

Having an entry package which is custom made to the uniqueness of your matter will help satisfy an officer that you should be allowed entry into Canada.

Supporting Evidence

The entry package will be compiled based on the requirements of what you are attempting to achieve in Canada coupled with anticipating an officer's needs as to what they will want to see in terms of documentation. This will all be itemized for the officer's review to help minimize your wait time while providing the documentation up front.

Submission Letters

Along with your itemized supporting documentation, we will also produce a submission letter for you. This submission letter will outline what we have provided, what your intended purpose is, how your legally meet the requirements as well as our legal arguments as to why you should be authorized entry. Many of our client have been granted extended periods of stay in Canada as a result of satisfying an officer that you meet the requirements as well as facilitating any future travel without issue.

Speak to officer

If for whatever the reason is and an officer is unwilling to co-operate with you, we will also have your back when dealing with the officer. We will, first and foremost, notify the border as to your intended travel in an attempt to allow the officer to review documentation in advance. This will again, facilitate your ease of access. Finally, we will also communicate with an officer when you are at the border to help you along your way.

Akrami and Associates is committed to getting you the results you need!

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