Professionals Under NAFTA Computer Systems Analyst

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NAFTA Computer Systems Analyst

Professionals under NAFTA are those that are identified within NAFTA and are actively seeking entry through previously arranged employment with a Canadian employer. Each profession has unique requirements and criteria in order to qualify. Intended duties, experience and education will be among the criteria assessed and need to be properly demonstrated through documentation.

For example, a Computer Systems Analyst must meet the basic educational requirements of:

  • a Baccalaureate degree or
  • Post-secondary diploma or certificate and a minimum of three years of experience
  • Beyond this, a Computer Systems Analyst will also need to demonstrate that their intended duties will reflect:
    • Discussing with clients to establish and document requirements
    • Design, develop, integrate and implement information systems
    • Provide advice on information systems strategy and after sale advise

The above list is just an example of some of the duties that a System Computer Analyst will typically preform. Your duties might not be outlined as such but still may reflect or encompass the above duties.

Proper documentation such as previous experience, your resume, letters of recommendation are all excellent ways of demonstrating that you have the skills necessary to qualify for the position.

Your employer will need to provide proof of your current job offer as well as some basic documentation pertaining to their business. Articles of incorporation, business license, taxation documents are some basic documents they will require. Fortunately, under NAFTA, they are not required to demonstrate requirement efforts.

Once the above has been determined, you are well on your way to a work permit and temporary status as a NAFTA professional in Canada.

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