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NAFTA no Work Permit needed

When determining whether or not you require a work permit to fulfill your goals in Canada, there are a couple factors to consider. Namely, not all intended work in Canada requires a work permit. Below are some examples of work that you do not require a work permit to fulfill in Canada.

After-sales/lease service

After-sales/lease services include those provided by people repairing and servicing, supervising installers, and setting up and testing commercial or industrial equipment. This also applies to people seeking entry to repair or service specialized equipment, purchased or leased outside Canada, provided the service is being performed as part of the original or extended sales agreement, lease/rental agreement, warranty, or service contract.

Warranty or service agreement

Service contracts must have been negotiated as part of the original sales or lease/rental agreements or be an extension of the original agreement.


People who enter Canada to supervisethe installation of specialized machinery purchased or leased outside Canada or to supervise the dismantling of equipment or machinery purchased in Canada for relocation outside Canada.

Trainers and trainees

This covers people entering Canada to provide training services to prospective users or to help staff of the company after the installation of specialized equipment purchased or leased outside Canada has been completed. It also covers inter-company trainers and trainees.

Board of Directors' meetings

A person attending a meeting as a member of a board of directors may enter as a business visitor. Normally these people attend quarterly meetings. They are legally charged with the responsibility to govern an organization or corporation.

While a board member may be compensated for their advice and expertise, they are considered to be business visitors.

These are just a few of the more common tasks that would not require a work permit, depending on the exact nature of the trip. Contact Akrami & Associates for further details so that we can assist you in determining whether or not you will need a work permit to achieve your goals in Canada.

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