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As of March 6, 2014 the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) has recently opened through the Provincial Nomination Program offered by Nova Scotia that facilitates your Permanent Residence in Canada without the need for a job offer. The only catch is that your employment falls under the list of currently in demand occupations in the province. Watch our video if you meet the eligibility criteria to get nominated by the province of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program NSNP

Factors considered when applying for the Regional Labour Market in Demand Stream of Nova Scotia Immigrant Nominee Program. This program seeks fill in demand occupations that are currently offered by the province of Nova Scotia with foreign nationals interested in applying for Permanent Residence through the province. This is a unique application as it does not require that you first obtain an employment offer from an Canadian employer. There are many other factors that the program considers when determining whether or not you are eligible for nomination through the program.

The first aspect that they will consider is your age, in order to qualify for the program you have to be between ages of 21 and 55, if you are not then you are not eligible to apply. Another factor to consider includes you language proficiency, therefore you need to provide proof of your language ability through of the registered language providers with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) such us IELTS which will determine your language levels as per grading system produced by CIC. In order to qualify you need to have Canadian Language Bench Mark of 5, depending on the type of test you apply for it will vary in terms of the grading systems. You will have to refer to CIC to see how you scored as per there own Canadian Language Bench Mark levels.

Another aspect is determining whether or not you have the funds available for your stay in Canada. It very important to the immigration officer that you have the necessary funds in order to take care of yourself as well as your family while you are in Canada. Depending on your family size the required funds that you will need will change. There is a list on CIC website which outlines the necessary requirement of funds based on your family size. These funds have to be disposable and readily available to you.

Also, you need to meet the education requirements that have to be equivalent to a Canadian education system.

The last thing to consider to determine your eligibility is your settlement plan, this plan is an outline that demonstrates your intended purpose for the province and long term intentions for the province. This ultimately shows your commitment to the province and that you will fulfill your obligations to the province and your intent is to reside in the province. 

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