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Interested in working in Canada? Are you accompanying a loved one in Canada? Applied for spousal sponsorship? You may qualify for an Open Work Permit! Watch our find video and find out how you can meet the eligibility criteria for an Open Work Permit.

Sponsorship Open Work Permits

The most sought after Work Permit is called the Open Work Permit. An Open Work Permit means that you would be able to work for any employer in Canada. A general Work Permit would allow an individual to work for a specific employer only. Open Work Permit grants any employer to hire you; however, this is not something that you can apply for individually. A lot of times people don’t know that an Open Work Permit is not something that you can apply directly for. Open Work Permits are attached to other applications that are already in process. For example, if you have spouse that has obtained their own Closed Work Permit or LMIA Work Permit then he/she is eligible to apply for Open Work Permit for their spouse. Another example would be if you submitted an Inland Spousal Sponsorship application, you can apply for the Open Work Permit until you get a decision from Citizenship and Immigration Canada on the status of your application.

Spousal Sponsorship applications go through two stages. The first stage the sponsor gets assessed then the application gets moved overseas in which the applicant gets assessed. Once the application reaches approval stage the sponsor receives an approved in principle in which he/she then can apply for the Open Work Permit.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) facilitates this so that applicants can help contribute to the household while they make a decision on the matter. If you submitted an application for Spousal Sponsorship and have not received your Approved in Principle (AIP) we would be happy to take over your matter. We have assisted many with successful inland and overseas application and we can help you too!

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