Post Graduate Work Permit 2020

You did it! You graduated! In your hand you hold a degree, diploma or certificate. You’ve fallen in love with the great country of Canada and want to know your options on how you can extend your stay. A post graduate work permit just might your ticket. Read below for details on one way to make Canada your home for a while longer.

What is a post graduate work permit?

A post graduate work permit allows those who have completed their studies at a designated learning institution (DIL) to enter the Canadian work force and gain valuable experience. A post graduate work permit also gives foreign nationals a step ahead in gaining permanent residency in Canada. It is considered an “open work permit” which allows you to work for any Canadian employer who is eligible.

Important Note: In your lifetime, you are only eligible for post-graduate work permit.

Are you eligible for a post graduate work permit?

To be eligible you must meet the following requirements below:

  • Graduated from a designated learning institute and hold a diploma, degree or certificate
  • Maintained a full time status as a student for each semester
  • Meet all the requirements you need to complete for your study program
  • Apply within 180 days after your school issues your final marks
  • Hold a valid passport for the duration of the post graduate work permit

How to apply:

Once you have received official written notification from your designated learning institution that you will receive your diploma, degree or certificate, you have 90 days to apply for a post-graduate work permit.

You have 2 options for applying: online or paper. Online application remains to be the faster and most cost effective method.

Online application

  • create an account to submit all documentation and check status
  • Scan documents to upload
  • Be sure to fill to out all forms accurately and upload all required documents
  • Instant upload

Paper Applications are also accepted but require more patience

  • Slower processing time due to mail delivery
  • Applicant must pay all courier fees

Processing Times:

Current processing times are available on the CIC website, but typical timing is approximately 200 days.

How long is the post graduate work permit Valid for?

The length of your permit all depends on the length of your studies in Canada. Most post graduate work permits are equal to the program length. For example if your studies were a 2 year program- your permit will be 2 years.

Can I travel?

A post graduate work permit alone will not allow you to be able to leave and re-enter Canada. If you are wishing to travel during the permit period, you must have a valid visitor visa or eTA.

Can my spouse work?

Your spouse or common-law partner may be eligible for an open work permit once you post graduate work permit is accepted and approved .

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