Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document

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Once you have received an approval on your PR application, you will be issued the "Confirmation of Permanent Residence" document from a Canadian consulate or visa office outside Canada.

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence, coupled with a Permanent Resident Visa counterfoil will be placed in your passport or travel document. Both documents must be presented to the officer at a port of entry in order to complete the processing towards permanent residency to Canada.

The Confirmation of Permanent Residence document will contain a photo of you as well as a box for your signature that must be completed upon entry into Canada under the direction of the officer.

When you apply to becoming a permanent resident at a port of entry and are in possession of a Confirmation of Permanent Residence, the officer will ensure that the bio data recorded on the Confirmation of Permanent Residence form matches the information in your passport or travel document. In cases where a clerical error has been made, the document should be corrected to bring it into agreement with the bio data in the passport or travel document.

It is important that you ensure that both your passport as well as the Confirmation of Permanent Residence has your correct information. If this is not so, you must inform the officer so that it can be correctly. If this is not done, you will encounter issues for any future immigration processes such as applying for your Canadian Citizenship.

Becoming Landed Immigrant

When you arrive at the border, the officer will:

  • Verify your identity,
  • Confirm that the information on the permanent resident visa is correct,
  • Establish that you comply with all requirements of the Act and Regulations and you are not inadmissible,
  • Confirm that your marital, common-law, or family status has not changed since the issuance of the permanent resident visa. If is has, it is extremely important that you advise the officer. Failure to do so will make you ineligible to sponsor them in the future,
  • Confirm that you and your family members (whether accompanying or not) still meet the requirements of the class of permanent residents under which the permanent resident visa was issued,
  • The officer will impose and explain any appropriate conditions, and
  • The officer will welcome you to Canada and provide information about programs and services available to facilitate integration into Canadian society.

You must advise the officer:

  • If your marital status has changed since the visa was issued, and
  • Of any other facts relevant to the issuance of the visa that have changed since the visa was issued

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