Important Facts about Canadian Permanent Residents

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When it comes to Canadian Immigration, Canada has one of the most comprehensive and considerate immigration systems in the world. These considerations can assist you in not only strengthening your case but allow you an edge that you can take advantage of when attempting to file an application. Here are a couple tips and tricks to keep in the back of your mind:

1. Permanent Resident Status Never Expires

Once you are able to obtain your permanent resident status it is yours for life, unless it has been formally revoked by a departure order for not meeting your residency obligation, for example. Just because your PR card expires, for example, does not mean you have lost your status. This happens to many people abroad who find themselves in a dilemma as they may not be able to return to Canada without a valid PR card. Worry not, you have not lost your status and you may apply for what is called a travel document which is utilized for people in this situation. If you do not meet the residency obligation at the time of your application, consider alternative routes into Canada, for example, through the United States. Once you have re-entered Canada, you can commence fulfilling your residency obligation at this point and subsequently meet the criteria for a new PR card when the time comes.

2. Appealing your Matter

As Canada takes into consideration the needs of applicants, there are often appeal rights to applications if you disagree with a decision. Though it is not always recommended to appeal right away, sometimes it is recommended to request reconsideration first.

3. Permanent Residents and Criminal Convictions

If you are a permanent resident who has been convicted of a crime, you can be deported to your home country. For those who have been sentenced to two years or less, there may still be hope by taking advantage of the right to an appeal and the resulting extensive wait times. Appealing your case can take an average of 15 months. By the time a the case is heard, those sentenced to two years or less have often completed their sentence and/or jail time. In situations such as these, there is less desire by the courts to deport. This is not really something you should be "banking on" as it can be perceived as an attempt to take advantage of a situation that might not go over well with someone making a decision on your matter however, again, those willing to take this chance often have little to lose.

For further information with respect your Canadian immigration we invite you to contact our experienced immigration representatives.

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