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How can I get a PR card?

To get a Permanent resident Card (PR card), you must be eligible to have one. In general, this means you are a permanent resident living in Canada.

New permanent residents will receive their PR cards by mail.

If you are a permanent resident living in Canada, you can apply for a PR card. If you have a card that is going to expire soon or your card was lost, stolen or destroyed, you can apply to renew or replace your card.

How do I renew my PR card?

Most PR cards are valid for five years. You should renew your card within six months of when it will expire.

To renew your permanent resident card, you must:

  • Fill out some forms,
  • Send a specific type of photo to go on your card,
  • Send supporting documents, and
  • Pay a $50 fee.

My PR card has been lost, stolen or destroyed. How do I replace it?

If your PR card is lost, stolen or destroyed while you are in Canada, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada to report what happened. To replace your PR Card, you need to apply for a replacement PR Card. The processing fee to replace your Permanent resident Card is $50.

If your PR Card is lost or stolen while you are outside of Canada, please report the loss or theft to the nearest Canadian visa office.

What should I do if my new PR Card has a mistake or something is missing?

You can apply for a reissued PR Card if the mistake was made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Please note that if your given name has more than 15 letters or your surname has more than 20 letters, the name appearing on the PR Card will be truncated or shortened. This is not a mistake and the card will not be reissued to change the name should this be the situation.

I need to leave Canada and I do not have a PR card. Can I later return to Canada without a PR card?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not mail permanent resident cards (PR cards) to addresses outside Canada.

If you plan to return to Canada in a commercial vehicle such as a plane, train, boat or bus; you must apply for a travel document at a visa office outside Canada before you return to Canada.

If you return to Canada in a private vehicle, such as your own car, you do not need a permanent resident card. You can use your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence instead.

You would have been given these documents:

  • If you applied from overseas: at the same time as your visa
  • If you applied from within Canada: when you landed at your local visa office

An immigration officer will ask you questions to make sure you meet all of the residency requirements before they allow you to come back to Canada.

When you return to Canada, apply for a PR card if you plan to travel outside Canada again.

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