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The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows for the provinces of Canada to offer nomination for Permanent Residence in Canada through various categories. If you are applying under the Provincial Nominee Program watch our video to learn about the six main PNP requirements to be successful in this category.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Requirements

Curious about the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) requirements? There are 7 requirements that are consistent throughout each province. The first is a job offer. Most provinces require you to have a job offer, and some provinces request that your job offer be based on NOC A, B, or O. Some provinces, depending on whether or not you have worked in that province, may also allow for NOC C or D. However, not all provinces allow for this so ensure that you double check your job offer to see if it is consistent with the province.

The second requirement is education; you will need to prove your education regardless of whether you obtained it in or outside of Canada. Some provinces require that you have a BA or diploma. If your credentials are foreign, they would have to be assessed to ensure that your foreign credentials are equivalent to your diploma or BA in Canada. Some provinces also require a one-year work experience, either in Canada and in that particular province or outside of Canada. Therefore, you need to ensure you check your particular province requirements.

In terms of proficiency in English or French, that depends on the particular province as to what your score should be. Generally, if you are scoring a total of six throughout reading, listening, etc., you should be on the right track. However, the specific grade is province dependent. Some provinces allow you to continue your Permanent Residency application if you have close relatives in Canada. If you have a family member in that province, it is possible that you can continue your Permanent Residency application under that route.

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