Selection Criteria for Self Employed People

Selection criteria are assessed on these five factors:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Age
  • Language abilities
  • Adaptability

    The assessment against these five selection criteria are rated on a point system with a maximum of 100 points. In order to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant, you need to obtain a minimum of 35 points of that 100 to qualify.


    Education has a maximum of 25 points out of the total 100. In order to measure potential success for self-employed persons, education is a critical factor looked at. The more education you have and the higher the level of degree or diploma earned, the more likely you will be successful. Education is vital for success of a self-employed person in Canada.


    Relevant experience must be obtained within the five-year period beginning with five years before you sign your application and ends when a decision is made on your application. Relevant is described as a self-employed person with at least two years’ experience within a specific category. The experience must be for cultural activities, for athletes or for buying and managing a farm. Any one of these three requires a certain amount of time to be considered relevant to help find you to be a self-employed individual.


    Your age is taken into consideration when determining how many points you would receive towards your self-employment application. Age ranges from 16 and younger, to 54 and older. Your age plays a part in how successful you will be when coming into Canada as self-employed persons.

    Language Ability in English and French

    One of the five selection factors that are considered are your proficiency in English or French, when looking at your application. Your proficiency in one language is good. However, to be proficient in both languages is impressive and that will help you score high points in this category.

    They look at your ability to:

  • Listen
  • Read
  • Write and
  • Speak

    If you are able to do all the above in both languages, you will receive the maximum of 24 points within the language ability section.


    Adaptability is done differently than the previous four factors stated. You can receive a range of points for different levels of adaptability, reaching a maximum of six points. Adaptability can range from getting points for previous study in Canada to previous work experience in Canada. You can even get points depending on your spouse’s or common-law partner’s level of education. You can also get points for having relatives in Canada. These issues factor in on your ability to adapt once you are in Canada.

    Contact Akrami & Associates

    As a self-employed person, there are many different ways to achieve points to help you become eligible to enter Canada and succeed here. With the right legal team behind you, success is possible. If you have any further questions, comments, concerns or you are ready to talk to a member in our legal team about your application, we will be happy to help. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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