Significant Benefit Work Permit Application Tips

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Submitting an application to this program comes with few set requirements but with a long list of criteria you will need to demonstrate if you wish to increase your chances for success. This is an excellent work permit for entrepreneurs, artists investors alike as you will need to demonstrate how your "project" or "intended contribution to Canada" will be either socially, culturally or economically beneficial to Canada.

Your application will be assessed based on the merits of your project or intended goal and whether or not an officer is satisfied that your contribution to Canada is a worthy enough one to allow you the authorization to work in Canada.

You, of course, will need to work these goals outline in your application.

Akrami & Associates will guide you every step of the way with this. Contact us for more details.

If you intend on submitting your application without the support of a representative, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind.

Labour Market Opinion Exempt

A Significant Benefit Work Permit is considered to be Labour Market Opinion exempt provided you can satisfy an officer that you meet the criteria. Unlike most other work permits, those who apply for a Significant Benefit Work Permit will not first need to obtain approval from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)/Service Canada.

Have a Business Plan

Having a business plan or a long term plan for your project can go a long way to satisfying an officer that you should be granted this work permit in Canada. However, make certain that what you promise is deliverable and that you can adequately demonstrate your work.

Work Permit Renewal

A Significant Benefit Work Permit can be renewed indefinitely depending on the nature of your intended work in Canada. However, the Significant Benefit Work Permit does not lead to permanent resident status.

For those who seek permanent resident status in Canada through this venue, contact us as we can discuss the options that might be available to you.

We can Help You!

We have dealt with hundreds of immigration cases. We have helped our clients in their difficult situations and have guided them to draft a more effective application. We can help you draft your application and arrange the required documents. A well-planned and complete application will increase your likelihood of acceptance and will save your from hassle.

Do it Yourself Immigration Kit

If you are worried about the legal fees, Don't be! Our goal is to help everyone that is interested in immigrating to Canada. Contact us and we can provide numerous options for you.  You can also purchase our very affordable Immigration Kit which details everything for you. If you are still not sure, feel free to get back to us. We will review your case before you submit it to give you the best possible outcome.

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