Sponsorship Questions and Answers Video

Sponsorship Questions and Answers

Are you currently engaged and planning to get married soon? Do you have few unanswered questions such as how the long the processing times are for sponsorship applications or whether you can live with your sponsor while the application is being processed and how long you are responsible for the person getting sponsored?

Processing time varies from inland vs. overseas application, so if your spouse or partner is outside of Canada the approximate time for IRCC to determine if you are eligible to become a sponsor is 39 days. Processing time varies depending on the location of the person that is getting sponsored, which ranges from 8 to 41 months. Most visa offices process times are under 16 months. Please see CIC chart for processing time of your visa office. The chart shows processing time for a complete application and it’s an approximate time frame which can be changed without notice and are not guaranteed. Unfortunately, inland sponsorship processing time is slightly longer than overseas sponsorship. Inland sponsorship is when the sponsor is Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and their spouse or partner is inside Canada with temporary status such as a visitor visa, study permit etc. When submitting an inland sponsorship application unfortunately as the applicant you cannot exit the country until a decision is made on your application. Should you decide to exit the country then most likely you will be denied entry to Canada depending on your situation. The benefit of inland sponsorship is that the spouse can apply for open work permit, meaning he/she can work until a decision is made on the application.

When you are sponsoring your spouse or partner for Permanent Residency, whether it takes place inside or outside of Canada, you are committing to more than just each other. There are commitments and promises to be upheld by both the sponsor and the sponsored individual with the Canadian Government.

In some cases, this ‘agreement & undertaking’ lasts longer than the relationship, so it is important to fully understand what you are signing up for when you decide to sponsor your spouse. Similarly, if you are the sponsored person, your Permanent Residence is conditional for what can almost be considered a probationary period; therefore you must also be fully aware of what conditions are placed on you if you chose to pursue Spousal Sponsorship.

As the sponsor you are financially responsible for the sponsored individual for three years from the time he/she because a permanent resident. So if you get divorced, are in debt, lose your job or whatever the reason may be you are still responsible for them for that period. So ensure you know what you are getting yourself into as there is no way of getting out of it.

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