Documents to Include When Sponsoring

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Documents to Include

When attempting to sponsor your wife or Common Law Partner there are some key documents that you will need to also provide in order to satisfy an officer that you both meet the necessary requirements and that you are in a genuine relationship. Having a marriage certificate or having lived together for so many years is unfortunately not sufficient. You have to put yourself in the officer's shoes and consider what they might be looking for. Below you will find some suggestions of what we consider essential documentation with any sponsorship application.

Civil Documents

Though we just said having these documents alone are insufficient, including your marriage certificate or declaration of common law union are not only requirements, they are the basis from which you will build your case. Note, having a legal marriage document or certificate of marriage does not mean that it still might not be considered invalid. For example, if you were married to one person and then separated without finalizing divorce, any subsequent marriage is considered invalid by Canadian legal standards.

Personal Statements

This is not technically required however many people do not consider adding a personal statement nor find it valuable. Providing a personal statement is your opportunity to demonstrate to the officer the genuineness of your relationship. You should include details like where and how you met, how your relationship developed and when you became romantic etc.

Supporting Statements

This is also not a requirement of the application but is extremely helpful when demonstrating the genuineness of your relationship. Having mutual friends who know you as a couple that are willing to vouch for you will help satisfy the officer. Family members are also useful but not weighed as heavily is unbiased sources. Even having a letter from the religious figure who performed a marriage ceremony for you, for example, would be a great asset.

Demonstrating Ties to your Spouse or Partner

Aside from the vows or promised you have made to each other, mixed financial responsibilities is a clear indicator to an officer that your relationship is legitimate. Providing statements of joint accounts or bills will also go a long way at convincing an officer. This is also highly recommended for people in common law relationships. It helps demonstrate the duration of cohabitation, something to keep in mind.

Miscellaneous Items

Any other items that you think might demonstrate the genuineness of your relationship should be included. Aside from photos, there are many other items you can provide. Travel itineraries from trips taken together, gift receipts, love letters, phone records of communication, email printouts, the ticket stubs from the concert you went to on your anniversary etc. are all valid and extremely useful. Do not discount anything, the more you can provide the officer, the better.

Aside from this documentation, there is obviously the task of completing the long list of forms and accounting for any other unforeseeable circumstances.

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