Difference between Inland and Overseas Spousal Sponsorship Video

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Sponsoring your loved one to Canada can be a complicated matter depending on your unique situation. It is never too early to start the sponsorship process. If you are unsure whether to file inland or overseas watch our video for further details to help you decide which route to take.

Difference between Inland and Overseas Spousal Sponsorship

The difference between inland and overseas spousal sponsorship applications is that with inland sponsorship application you have to be inside of Canada while with overseas sponsorship applications you have to be outside of Canada. The benefit of inland spousal sponsorship application is that you can be together with your spouse while the application is getting processed for a decision while with the overseas sponsorship application you are away from your loved one. Another, benefit of inland sponsorship application is that you can apply for an Open Work Permit. What this means is that your spouse can work with any employer in Canada without having to go through a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is great news because LMIA application are a huge hassle and requires a lot of work from the applicant and employer to be able to work in Canada. The downfall with inland application is that the processing times are slightly longer than overseas application and also when you submit an inland application you cannot exit Canada. Should you decide to exit Canada while the inland sponsorship application is getting processed then you can be potentially be denied by the immigration officer at the port of entry. If the immigration officer believes your reason for exit was not good enough then you have no choice but to submit an overseas application. The benefit with overseas sponsorship application is that processing times are slightly faster and you can travel back an forth and not being bound to remain in Canada only.

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