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Watch our video below to find out the difference between spousal, common-law and conjugal sponsorship. Find out what type of documents you need to include to submit a successful application to immigration Canada.

Difference between Spousal, Common Law, and Conjugal Sponsorship

There are three types of ways you can sponsor your partner to Canada. They are Spousal, Common Law, and Conjugal sponsorships. Although all of these sponsorships are used to sponsor a partner, they are very different from each other depending on your situation. Spousal sponsorship is the act of a person providing funds for their spouse whom resides in a different country in effort to bring them to the sponsor’s country.  Spousal sponsorship is an opportunity for spouses to reunite with one another and begin their life together again. In order to sponsor a spouse successfully, you need to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident  of Canada and have no inadmissibility issues. Another main requirement is that when submitting a spousal application you need have marriage certificate that is recognized the country it took place, so if the marriage took place in Canada it has to be recognized in that province. For example, if you did a Nekka in Canada it will not be recognized as marriage in Canada and therefore you have to register for a marriage certificate or if you married your same-sex partner in an Islamic country then your marriage will not be recognized in Canada as most Islamic countries do accept same-sex marriages. So, if you got married outside of Canada and like to sponsor your spouse the marriage has to be legally recognized in the country the marriage took place and under Canadian law.

With Common Law sponsorships you are required to live with your partner for at least 12 months in marriage type commitment. To be considered as common-law partners you are allowed to have short absences for business travel or family reasons. If you are absent for longer period of time from each other then most likely you will not be considered common-law partner. One major difference between a spousal sponsorship and a common law sponsorship is the extensive amount of evidence  required to prove that you and your partner are a legitimate couple and not just trying to abuse the power of a common law sponsorship. In order to proof you are in common-law relationship you need to provide proof of joint bank accounts or credit cards, joint home ownership, joint leases, joint rental receipts, joint payment of utilities such as gas, telephone, electricity, joint household items, joint mailing addresses, anything that will show that you and your partner have combined your affairs and set up a household together.

A conjugal sponsorship is much like a spousal sponsorship, however they have many differences as well. The main difference between a spousal sponsorship and a conjugal sponsorship is that in a spousal sponsorship, the couple is usually living together and share many things which makes it very easy to prove their relationship, whereas in a conjugal sponsorship, the two partners do not live together and are not married either. A conjugal relationship is very hard to prove. In fact, instead of proving how you guys are partners, you have to prove to the immigration officer that there are certain barriers that are restricting you both from living together and/or getting married. In a conjugal sponsorship, much like a spousal sponsorship; both of the partners must have been in a relationship for 12 consecutives months. You must inform the immigration officer of any if not all of the barriers that are restricting you and your partner from being together whether it is an immigration barrier, sexual orientation (same-sex marriage or relationship is not allowed where you live), marital status ( divorce is not allowed where you live such as Philippines prohibit divorce) or whatever other reason it may be.

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