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This video outlines how you can sponsor your spouse to Canada and important spousal sponsorship documents you need to include with your application. Also, it outlines the main difference between filing an inland versus overseas application. For additional information on spousal, common law or conjugal sponsorship watch our video below.

Spousal Sponsorship Canada

Under the Family Class you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner. You are also eligible to apply for parental and child sponsorship under the Family Class but will only discuss spousal sponsorship. With either of these applications you need to determine if you are going to submit the application from within Canada or outside of Canada. The process with either of these applications is relatively the same. When submitting an application to sponsor your partner to Canada there is two steps involved.

The first step as the sponsor you need to demonstrate genuineness in your relationship which takes about 12 months to process by citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) to determine whether this a genuine relationship or a relationship just to get status in Canada.. If you do not provide sufficient supporting documents to demonstrate the genuineness in your relationship the immigration officer can simple refuse your application. To help you prove genuineness in the relationship you can provide documents such as pictures of you and your spouse with other family member, pictures of places you been together, letters explaining how you guys met, where you met, where the relationship is going. Also, including documents such as Skype conversations, phone text messages, gifts send to each other, proof of trips taken together, joint bank accounts and anything else that shows you guys been keeping in touch and having a genuine relationship.

The second step is to determine the eligibility of the person your sponsoring based on medical and criminal background checks. This process takes about 12 months and the whole entire process takes approximately 2 years.

Usually inland sponsorship applications take a little bit longer to process then the overseas applications. The reason behind this is that as the applicant you can apply for the Open Work Permit upon receiving the approved in principle. With the overseas application you are not eligible to apply for the Open Work Permit. The Open Work Permit allows your spouse to legally work in Canada while the wait for spousal application results.

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