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To submit a strong spousal sponsorship application to immigration Canada we recommend you include a personal statement with your application. Find out how you can draft a strong personal statement to have successful sponsorship application.

Spousal Sponsorship Personal Statement

A personal statement is basically a document in which you provide the officer with personal insight. Once you retain Akrami & Associates, we will help you throughout your whole application process. There are many things you can include inside your spousal sponsorship personal statement. 

The first thing you should include in your personal statement is when you and your spouse first met and where. Remember, in a personal statement the more information or details you provide the officer with, the more higher your chance of success will be. So when you state something personal, try to expand on it and provide small details which will make your relationship sound more genuine and bonafide.

In your statement you can also mention things you like and dislike about your partner and his/her family. You also want to provide details of what you and your partner have done together such as vacations, events, family parties (weddings, baby showers etc.) Lastly but definitely not least, explain your way of communication with your spouse to the officer, include how many calling cards you have used up to speak to each other or any relevant information that will leave the officer confident that your relationship truly is genuine.

If you inquire any help or assistance with your spousal sponsorship personal statement or just have some further questions, please give us a call at Akrami & Associates. We are here to help!

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