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Are you looking into sponsoring your loved one to Canada? Learn more about the requirements to sponsor a family member to Canada by watching our video!

Spousal Sponsorship Requirements

Planning to sponsor your wife or husband to Canada, not sure if you meet the eligibility requirements as a sponsor? You can sponsor your spouse to Canada if you are 18 years of age or older, are citizen or permanent resident of Canada, fall under the Family Class, can provide proof that you will live in Canada once the sponsored individual becomes a permanent resident of Canada, sign an agreement between the sponsor and the applicant showing that both of you understand your obligations and responsibilities, signing a undertaking and provide proof that you have enough money to provide for the basic requirements of the sponsored person.

You cannot sponsor if you signed an undertaking for another spouse or common- law partner and three years have not passed since the sponsored person became a permanent resident, getting financial support from the government other than disability, owe an immigration loan, in debt, not met previous undertaking or claimed bankruptcy. You also cannot sponsor if you have sexual or criminal offence on record, threating to hurt someone (depends on nature of offence and when it occurred), were sponsored previously and become permanent resident less than five years ago, are on removal order, in prison or have applied to sponsor another person but decision on the application has not yet been made.

Another important aspect when sponsoring a spouse to Canada is demonstrating genuineness in the relationship which can be done by providing documents such as text messages, phone logs, letters sent to each other, travel trips taken together etc.

If you need help with submitting a Spousal Sponsorship application it is recommended to consult with an immigration expert first!! The requirements above are only for the sponsor there are many other requirements the applicant has to meet as well. Please contact us for further details.

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